How Big is the Apple Eco-System?

Oppenheimer continues, “We are also seeing continued iPhone growth in business across the board from companies replacing existing smartphone deployments to businesses adding first-time smartphone users. Companies around the world like Neiman Marcus, Skanska, and Volvo are issuing iPhones to their employees to improve interactions with customers and give workers access to essential corporate data.”

In addition to the iPhone, the iPad is finding a place beyond the typical consumer. Financial firms like Barclays, Nomura Securities and the Bank of Beijing are using the iPad to help employees perform daily functions. Oppenheimer explains, “In particular, Barclays roll out of over 8,000 iPads has generated tremendous employee engagement and feedback, making it the most successful IT deployment in Barclays’ history.”

State and local governments in the United States are also deploying the iPad. State legislators in West Virginia, Texas and Virginia are using the popular tablet to provide instant access to government records and information. Outside the U.S., 10,000 iPads are being used in the Sweden government, and over 5,000 iPads have been purchased by the government in the Netherlands.

The eco-system extends beyond hardware…