How Miserable Was Apple’s January?

January was the worst month for Apple’sĀ (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock in more than four years. It fell more than 14 percent since the start of trading this month on January 2 to the close of trading on January 31 ā€” an even more dramatic decline considering the gains seen by the broader markets in the same period. The Nasdaq grew 4.05 percent in January, while the S&P 500 was up 5.04 percent and the Dow Jones industrial average an impressive 5.76 percent.

As CNBC pointed out, since 2000, there had never been a month when Apple lost more than 14 percent while the Nasdaq rose and only one month while the S&P rose. That came in May 2001.

The last time things got this bad for Apple was in September 2008, when it received two downgrades as the economy suffered around it and a fear similar to one earlier this month ā€” that the company was slowing iPhone orders ā€” sprung up. Apple fell 32.96 percent that month while the S&P lost 9.08 percent and the Nasdaq dropped 11.64 percent.