How Much Did Verizon Overcharge Wireless Customers?

Verizon iPhone

The Federal Communications Commission has been notified by an independent telecommunications lawyer that Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) understated the amount it collected from erroneous data charges on customer bills when the company agreed to refund the charges after the story broke back in 2010.

Telecom lawyer Arthur V. Belendiuk obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that revealed Verizon may have charged up to $240 million in false data-use charges. The company refunded $53 million to its customers after the case broke.

In 2009, thousands of Verizon customers started complaining about a mysterious $1.99 data charge that appeared on their phone bills even if they hadn’t been using the Internet or data. Some of the charges accrued when phones were shut off, or on phones without Internet capabilities.