IBM and Sprint Join Forces on This Auto Innovation

IBM20logoIBM (NYSE:IBM) is planning to make car trips worthy of modern capabilities. The tech giant announced it will make Sprint’s (NYSE:S) car platform a much smarter tool in the hands of drivers. In the improved Sprint Velocity system, drivers would be able to get automatic re-routing when road troubles exist, or start a car according to a preferred temperature, to name a few options.

Sprint originally brought out Sprint Velocity last year for use in Chrysler vehicles, yet the assist from IBM technology will take its car connectivity platform to new levels. A driver’s phone would connect with cloud-based data centers operated by IBM, allowing personalized service to travel with a driver in any vehicle.

For instance, if one member of a family has a certain preference for air-conditioning settings, that temperature can be stored in the user’s profile, along with music, seat height and other elements. The technology allows for these adjustments to be made when the car is off, giving a driver the ability to step into a climate-controlled, music-filled car once the walk through the parking lot ends. IBM’s MessageSight, which manages data of this nature through any Internet-enabled device, is the program assisting Sprint Velocity.