Identity Theft Victim: Walmart Doesn’t Care


Don’t expect the cavalry to come charging in if your information is stolen off the Walmart (NYSE:WMT) website. A Memphis woman recently found herself penniless following an identify theft on the retail giant’s website. Though she caught the crime before most of the items in question shipped, Walmart reps were slow on the uptake. As a result, the matter is now in the hands of law enforcement.

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Colli Bounds, an occasional Walmart shopper, learned of the fraudulent charges when she got thank-you emails in her inbox on Monday. She was quick to contact the store yet, due to it being after hours, Bounds received a message telling her to try back in the morning. That effort didn’t work either and she watched four of the five orders placed on her card get shipped to an address in Georgia she’d never seen before.

Meanwhile, more than $3,000 in her checking and savings accounts (they were linked) were consumed to fund purchases she never made. Bounds was on Walmart’s Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) page and calling repeatedly in order to stop the shipment in its tracks, yet no one at the company seemed to put it on a priority list…