If Microsoft Takes Mulally, Where Does That Leave Ford?

Ford (NYSE:F) maintains that CEO “Alan [Mulally] is focused on continuing to execute the One Ford plan,” company spokesman Jay Cooney told Bloomberg on Monday. “Nothing has changed from what we announced in November.”

Ford does not have a contract with Mulally; last November, when it was announced that the CEO planned to stay on through 2014, he said his contract was “a very firm handshake with the chairman.” As Ford Chairman Bill Ford specified last week in an interview with Bloomberg Television, Mulally will stay at Ford “as long as he and I would like it to happen.”

Through sources familiar with the matter, AllThingsD learned at the end of September that Microsoft is considering Mulally as the successor to the company’s current CEO, Steve Ballmer, when he retires sometime before August of next year.

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) reported interest has made the end date for the Mulally’s tenure at Ford of particular importance, so much so that it will be a topic of discussion when the company’s board of directors gathers this week in Dearborn, Michigan, a person familiar with the board’s plans told Bloomberg. The question of Mulally’s departure will be covered informally over dinner on Wednesday or before presentations begin Thursday, according to the news outlet.