Illegal Downloaders Are Helping Netflix Do Better Business

netflix remote

Illegal downloaders might be a nightmare to entertainment companies everywhere, but Neflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is now reporting details about how its company actually employs their services to help it determine which TV shows and movies it should provide.

According to Forbes, tech website Tweakers recently interviewed Netflix’s vice president of content acquisition, Kelly Merryman, and uncovered interesting details about how her company takes advantage of the host of illegal downloaders who visit piracy websites daily. Merryman said Netflix purposely targets the TV series that do well on piracy sites and then does what it can to offer the show on the company’s own service.

The VP highlighted the case of popular program “Prison Break” in her interview and used it as an example of a show that has stood out as a highly pirated series. She explains that Netflix was able to recognize this by looking at illegal sites’ histories, and the streaming site now offers it in The Netherlands, a country where the show is especially popular, for the first time.