In the Polls: Republican Popularity Falls as Blame Rises


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has been named the chief strategist behind the government shutdown, with Obamacare and the spending bill at its heart. It’s therefore more than understandable that Cruz might be defensive when faced with discord and dissatisfaction within his own party. Just two days ago, a Republican senator described the attack of fellow Republicans on Cruz — according to The Huffington Post — saying, “It just started a lynch mob.”

Cruz insists that in rallying fellow Tea Party members and Republicans into the present situation he had not damaged his party — “Not remotely,” said Cruz. “I also think far too many people are worried about politics” Cruz said discussing the shutdown, referring to “nasty partisan jabs from Democrats.”

Though Cruz believes his efforts haven’t left the Republican party with a black eye, the numbers don’t stand behind Cruz’s claims.  Based on recent polls, the shutdown is not treating the Republican party well in terms of public opinion.