Ingersoll-Rand Earnings Call Nuggets: Price Inflation, Residential Business

On Friday, Ingersoll-Rand PLC (NYSE:IR) reported its third quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

Price Inflation

Nigel Coe – Morgan Stanley: Just, Mike, you made an interesting comment that you got confidence that China bottomed last quarter in Q3. What gives you that confidence?

Michael W. Lamach – Chairman and CEO: Nigel, we actually saw progression from Q1, 2 and 3 in bookings high negative kind of teen bookings in Q1, negative mid-teens Q2 slight luggage and almost flat in Q3 and then just sort of orders in hand in Q4 would give us sort of a sense of fourth quarter bookings in total being up for the year. So, we feel pretty good about that. Now, if you go beyond China, Asia has actually been fairly healthy as well, so we are about equally divided between China and Asia. So, in general, I think we’ll have (mix quarter) in China.

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Nigel Coe – Morgan Stanley: Just switch to margins, obviously, another great quarter year-over-year. Price inflation was a big factor, how does price inflation look as we go from 3Q into 4Q and perhaps into 2013? And could you maybe comment on pricing by segments?

Steven R. Shawley – SVP and CFO: Yeah, inflation moderates Q3 to Q4 sequentially. Price moderates from Q3 to Q4 sequentially. We think this will be the seventh quarter in a row that we’ll still see a positive spread between the two.

Nigel Coe – Morgan Stanley: And then just finally, Thermo King, the flat bookings surprised me a little bit. Obviously, revenues were down high single-digits, but how does that business look as we go into 4Q?

Michael W. Lamach – Chairman and CEO: One of the reasons why bookings were pretty flat as that I mentioned in my remarks that the marine business is down significantly . So if you take the marine which shows up in our European pile, it’s down quite a bit from prior year. So the – most of it quite a bit is double-digits plus type of a number. So if you look at truck and trailer bookings in Q3, the Americas were actually up double-digits. We’re still seeing some pressure on bookings in truck trailer in Europe, but quite frankly the bookings in truck trailer Europe are not down as far as we’ve kind of expected. So, what you’ve got here is – we’re continuing to hold our own and what I’ll call the core of our business within TK truck and trailer globally. But the marine container piece is having the big impact on it.

Nigel Coe – Morgan Stanley: But in your plan do you have the thinking down mid-to-high single-digits in 4Q?

Steven R. Shawley – SVP and CFO: Well, look for TK, for the full year (swap) quite down in total, so North America be up mid-single-digits; Europe, excluding marine down mid-teens and marine down over 20%. So, I think the math works out and (that’s look) good.

Residential Business

Michael Wherley – Janney Capital: Just looking at the climate, you said that the orders in Europe were up in the low-teens in the HVAC part of that business. So I was wondering if you could talk about that strength where it might be coming from geographically.

Steven R. Shawley – SVP and CFO: Yeah, it’s in the applied business and we’re seeing really strong bookings throughout the year and then fourth quarter in the Middle East. That continues to bode well. A combination of new product introductions I think are helping to support that. And we’re seeing actually a little bit better performance in Southern Europe than we would have thought coming into the year. So, actually the weakest part relative to our own forecast would have been Northern Europe, particularly Germany, but the Middle East and India are really a strength to us.

Michael Wherley – Janney Capital: Then on the Residential business, I was just wondering if you’re getting a sense from the builder -market or the big boxes. Is this pretty controlled demand or do you think that there might be some inventory sort of stocking up going on?

Michael W. Lamach – Chairman and CEO: Well, I think from a retail perspective, it’s big box, you’ll see the typical fourth quarter destocking that goes on. So I think just in terms of their patterns for the last seven, eight years that I’ve been involved, you’ll see some destocking there across the board. From an HVAC perspective, I think inventories are largely in check with where they should be, so I don’t think we’ll see any anomaly happening between inventory levels in the seasons there.

Michael Wherley – Janney Capital: Then just following up on Residential, when you’re looking at those 13-SEER and 14-SEER products, do you have any sense as to whether or not – now that you have them back into the market, whether or not you can continue to gain share in that part of the market in 2013?

Michael W. Lamach – Chairman and CEO: We feel good about it. If you look in of course really just the season we have been able to not just get 2011 back, but really kind of gain on 2010, and I think that as next year we come into the season and we continue to sharpen our cost position on those entry level products and our distribution system across those products, I feel pretty good about our – we are still, if you think about sort of the train brand in terms of brand recognition, it’s just roughly twice our share and I think that’s really the entitlement going forward for us is to continually eat into that entitlement in the years ahead. So I feel good about what we have done and I feel good about actually next year and I wish it was summer at this point.

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