Is a Second Product Adding to Apple’s Supply Headache?

The term ‘supply shortage’ is being used alongside Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) more than the company would care for. According to a report in Japanese Apple-focused blog Macotakara, while initial shipments of the latest iPod line are due in the coming week, there were “considerably few numbers of the initial shipment.”

Apple announced the new iPods at the same event where it launched the iPhone 5 in September. The company updated both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch, changing several features for both music players. The Nano received a larger touch screen with a few built-in apps, a home button, and new colors, while the new iPod Touch was given the larger screen of the iPhone 5, a faster processor, and Siri.

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According to a separate report on Friday, the music players were likely to start shipping in another three to four weeks. According to CNET, the delay may be because of the shortages in the touch screen being used on the iPod touch, since the new iPhone has had the same issue. The new screen uses in-cell technology, which combine two display layers into one and helps reduce the overall thickness of the device. According to Apple, the new system also brings down glare and improves the sensitivity and contrast ratio.

Apple is said to be sourcing the screens from Japan Display, LG Display (NYSE:LPL), and Sharp. Last week a Sharp executive told Reuters the company was producing “adequate volumes” of the screen.

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