Is Boehner’s Fiscal Cliff ‘Plan B’ a Workable Solution?

It looks like either Plan B is the solution, or the President puts substantial spending cuts on the table to sweeten the tax deal.

“Why not put on the floor something that’s what most Americans think the president is talking about, which is protecting from tax increases everybody but truly millionaires and billionaires?” said Representative Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio), according to Reuters. Ostensibly, the logic is sound, but the proposed legislation is not all in good faith.

The air of divisiveness between the two parties has not subsided in Washington. Just beneath the surface of all the progress made so far is the sentiment that has proved to be a constant roadblock.

Representative Tiberi sums it up the politicized nature of the fiscal cliff negotiations when he argues that, should the Republican bill fail in the Senate, “that’s not our problem. We can’t be held responsible for what the Senate does.”

When answering questions after speaking about gun control on Wednesday, the President said that “I have gone at least half way in recognizing Republican concerns,” and indicated surprise that Republicans haven’t accepted what he calls a fair deal.

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