Flight 214 Crash: Where Will the Liability Fall?

A Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) 777 used by Asiana Airlines Inc. crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport after a flight from Seoul, killing two. Passengers were forced to escape the flight down emergency slides as the airplane caught fire.

The 777 is one of the most popular long-haul jetliners because of its fuel efficiency using a twin-engine model along with its ability to transport over 300 people. Flight 214 had 291 passengers and 15 crew members. Of them, 181 were taken to hospitals and five of the victims were in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital. The passengers included 77 South Koreans, 141 Chinese, 61 Americans, and one Japanese person.

Witnesses say the tail hit the ground first, breaking off, and then the jet spun out of control. John Cox, a Washington-based aviation safety consultant, says that it seems as though the 777 was coming in short of the runway. “It’s not a little bit short,” he said. “It’s a lot short.”