Is Google Catching Up With Apple’s App Kingdom?

Much of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) success has been credited to its iOS platform strength, but according to one analysis, that advantage may be slowly getting wiped off by Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android app store.

Google Has it Going

“Android is the platform of growth,” Misha Lyalin of Zeptolab, the creator of the popular Cut the Rope mobile games, told Financial Times. While Apple is still well ahead with 35 billion app downloads as of October, the Google Play store recently crossed 25 billion downloads and is growing because of the “sheer scale of Android, which now accounts for three out of every four smartphones sold.”

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“Android is certainly doing better than it was,” Benedict Evans, mobile analyst at Enders, told FT. “The [developer] tools are better and the base is clearly huge. People aiming for ubiquity or mass scale will go for Android.”

How Far to Go?

But while Google is beginning to command developers’ attention, it still has a long way to go because Apple’s App Store holds credit card details for more than 400 million people and continues to be much more profitable. Apple also has a more stringent vetting procedure for programs entering its App Store, which ensures quality and security for users. So while the growing number of users may be a weapon Google can injure Apple with, slaying the App Store beat will require clever tools that ensure quality control, profitability, and user security.

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