Is Google Swamped in Lawsuits?

These days, it seems hard to be a big business in the tech industry without getting taken to court one way or another — or in Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) case, one way and another. Many U.S. states have joined forces to challenge Google’s data collection methods, especially in regards to its mapping service, and force Google’s hand.

Almost anywhere Google’s gone, it’s faced scrutiny over the way it puts together its Google Maps. In the U.S., there was particular trouble over how the company gathered “sensitive personal information” over non-secured Wi-Fi networks.googleStreetView logo_640x267

Google was said to have gleaned personal information when its cars drove by taking pictures for Google’s Street View feature. The cars may have picked up data from emails, privately transmitted information, and the locations of requested Web pages.

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The investigation into Google’s methods has been ongoing, and the Federal Communications Commission found some of the improper activity to have taken place over a period of three years starting in 2007. It has already fined Google $25,000 for not cooperating with the investigation…

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