Is Poor McDonald’s Customer Service Eating Away at Sales?

mcdonalds retro fast food

Should McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) copy Starbucks Corp (NASDAQ:SBUX) and start writing customers’ names on their to-go bags? Maybe so, as more and more customers are complaining about their poor McDonald’s eating experiences, contending that the chain’s customer service is poor and impersonal.

The question is, where is Ronald McDonald when you need him?

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A research report released Thursday by Dunnhumby, highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, elucidates the reality that the customer eating experience is becoming more and more important to consumers. With so many fast-food options available, they make their decisions based on loyalty — and a significant portion of this support is garnered through a chain’s friendly customer service and good eating experience.

It is without doubt that McDonald’s is still winning over Americans with its cheap Dollar Menu offerings and convenient drive thru service. But its poor customer-service scores are ultimately hurting its sales– a certainty supported by the Dunnhumby report that demonstrates that restaurants with higher customer-service scores tend to show higher comparable sales growth over a two-year period.