Is the Education World Embracing Apple?

It can be argued that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is hosting the world’s largest university, and a free one at that. Apple’s iTunes U offers anyone with an iOS device a chance to learn through a wide variety of courses. With the consumer market in the U.S. close to being saturated, Apple has been trying to make inroads into enterprise, education, and the government sectors through platforms with targeted content, and the ploy appears to be working.

Now, surely iTunes U isn’t considered an actual university — it doesn’t have the massive dormitories, raging weekend parties, or even physical classroom buildings — but the service offered comes pretty close to the real thing.

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The application is a free download in the App Store and offers access to lectures and the like from actual teachers and professors at universities and educational institutions around the world. Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and Yale are just a few of the schools offering free lectures on iTunes U.

Classes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional math and science courses to things like creative writing and “Understanding Happiness.” Plus, the courses can fit thousands upon thousands of students without anyone having to worry about having to stand in the aisle.

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