Is the McDonald’s Dollar Menu Game Changer All Bad?


Reports of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) possible Dollar Menu game changer took shape this week, and while many consumers wondered what this would mean for their favorite low-priced burger and chicken offerings, franchisees were conducting their own self-reflections.

Nation’s Restaurant News reported Thursday that the Oak Brook, Illinois-based restaurant chain confirmed earlier this week that McDonald’s was testing its new and improved Dollar Menu, the Dollar Menu & More, in five markets across the country. On the new menu are items that range from $1 to $2 to $5 and include “shareable” offerings like 20-piece Chicken McNuggets. Some of the items remain the same and keep the same price; however, others are getting revamped to debut as a deluxe version of their previous selves, and that’s where customers will witness a price increase.

But consumers won’t be the only ones affected by these changes to McDonald’s iconic Dollar Menu. Franchisees, too, will feel the impact, and the changes will likely only add to the grievances they have issued about increasing menu complexity and operational difficulties.