Is There Hope for this Tech Giant?

In a world that is increasingly shifting towards mobile devices, the PC industry has been desperately seeking a catalyst for better sales. Companies like Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) are counting on Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) new Windows 8 to excite consumers, but how well is the new operating system selling?

What is the Early Adoption Rate?

According to a new report by Computerworld, there are more early adopters of Windows 8 than Vista. Using data from Web-metrics firm Net Applications for October, the new operating system was found to be on 0.45 percent of all computers, compared to Vista’s early adoption haul of 0.19 percent. However, there is an asterisk in the higher adoption rate. Windows 8 was launched on October 26, giving it a couple more days in the month to account for sales, since Vista was released on January 30 and also missed the holiday shopping season. Furthermore, many PC users were not as impressed with Vista as they were with Windows 7.

While the adoption rate for Windows 8 looks impressive over Vista, it still lags behind Windows 7. As the chart above from Computerworld shows, there is a large gap between the two operating systems. With the Windows 7 early adoption rate at 2.33 percent, the Windows 8 adoption rate is five times less. Both operating systems were released in October, three years apart. What is the future of the latest Windows operating system…

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