Is This the Definite iPhone 5S Launch Date?

apple-logo-darkHas the elusive launch date for the next iteration of the iPhone finally been nailed down? According to a confidential source via TechCrunch, the iPhone 5S will be launched sometime in June 2013.

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The leak originated from a “presentation catalog” from an unnamed “Shenzhen-based manufacturer” that is making various peripheral products for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest incarnation of the iPhone. According to John Biggs at TechCrunch, the presentation catalog from this Chinese manufacturer provides many interesting details for various iPhone 5S accessories, including dongles and wireless chargers that are based on the Qi inductive power standard. The anonymous manufacturer also mentions cases for the new iPhone.

Although this anonymous manufacturer supposedly has “direct cooperation” with Foxconn, TechCrunch warns that this latest iPhone 5S rumor could very well be a typical case of “careless boasting.” However, several factors make this particular iPhone rumor stand out from the usual tech gossip.

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