Is This the iPhone 5S Battery?

Source: It seems that every day brings a new “iPhone 5S” leak. The latest images were obtained from an unspecified Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) supplier by the French website, and supposedly show a tray of batteries intended for the next generation of the iPhone reports Apple Insider.

However, like most of the leaks about Apple’s next iPhone, these images cannot be independently confirmed. Although the batteries appear to be about the right size for an iPhone, there are no labels or connectors on the batteries that would provide some information about what product they were manufactured for.

Although admits that these batteries might be for a “Chinese copy” of an iPhone, the author believes the images are of authentic iPhone batteries based simply on the number of iPhone 5S component leaks that have emerged over the past several weeks. These leaks seem to indicate “that the production of the next iPhone is in full swing.”