Jarden Earnings Call Nuggets: Organic Growth Targets and Incremental Compensation Charges

Jarden Corporation (NYSE:JAH) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Organic Growth Targets

William Chappell – SunTrust Robinson Humphrey: Can you just talk little bit about kind of organic growth targets and especially looking back, I mean 3.5% is obviously fine in the fourth quarter, but doing only two for the full-year was below kind of your evergreen target. Help us understand how we bridge the gap from two to get back to that 3% to 5%, and what you are seeing in terms of near-term order patterns out of retailers to get you comfortable there.

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Ian G. H. Ashken – VC and CFO: Obviously we were challenged in the third quarter of this year, because of the last year – of 2012, because of the challenge with snow in 2011, 2012, but if you look back at Jarden over the last 3 years, our average organic growth was 4.3% and so the 3% to 5% is always kind of for an on average performance over the long haul and I think we are right in line and towards the high side of that. And so the things we dealt with last year were weather related, they weren’t operationally related and so we feel good about the direction we are headed in 2013 and beyond. And just believe that was anomaly to winter that we knew rolled out.

William Chappell – SunTrust Robinson Humphrey: So, the thought is with normalized kind of weather trends we go into this year that should get you back to the 3% to 5%?

Ian G. H. Ashken – VC and CFO: We are planning 3% to 5% for this year. I think a lot of people have talked about the winter weather and winter doesn’t get solved on December 31, it’s really kind of an 18 month pattern that we work ourselves through. So, we have a relatively conservative outlook for winter sports heading into 2013. We still see some challenges, snow is late, but that’s embedded in our 3% to 5% outlook for the year.