JDS Uniphase (CA) Earnings Call Insights: CommTest Side and Bookings vs Conservative Guidance

JDS Uniphase Corp (NASDAQ:JDSU) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

CommTest Side

Kent Schofield – Goldman Sachs: I live to dive into what I think you are calling now network enablement on the CommTest side of things. It looks like with the guidance you are guiding to, what would be the first year-on-year growth in an extended period of time during the September quarter. So, I was wondering if you could look back over the last year or two in terms of some of those declines and what’s driven that, and then what do you think will bring you to growth on the year-on-year basis in the September quarter?

Thomas Waechter – President and CEO: So, I think primarily if I look back, a lot of it’s been the change in technology that’s been going on, and as we mentioned in our last earnings call, the legacy technologies and products have been dropping off very quickly and we’re starting to see the newer technologies really start to ramp. So, I think part of that was that leg in investment between the legacy dropping off and the ramp of the new products such as things like LTE deployment, 100 gig et cetera. I think we’ve also positioned ourselves better for those high growth areas both the regional play whether it’d be China or some of the other high growth regions, but also the markets around mobility and providing more visibility and control in the markets for the network operators. So, I think that organic development also the recent acquisitions have really helped us to align well where the growth is coming and we see that continuing for a period of time now.

Kent Schofield – Goldman Sachs: Is the 40% number that you gave for the wireless side of things, is that a good proxy to look at the legacy versus the new? Or is there more that number? Just trying to get a sense for where we’re at in terms of that legacy as a percentage of the revenues so that we can get comfort that we won’t see another leg down from kind of that legacy type deployment…

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