JPMorgan Chase & Co Earnings Call Nuggets: NII Outlook and FIC Results

JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) recently reported its first quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

NII Outlook

John McDonald – Sanford Bernstein: Just on the last point about the NII outlook, what are the drivers of the strong growth in your interest bearing asset base?

Marianne Lake – CFO: John, we didn’t hear the question.

John McDonald – Sanford Bernstein: Can you hear me?

Marianne Lake – CFO: Yes.

John McDonald – Sanford Bernstein: Could you tell me on the NII outlook, what were the drivers of the strong growth in earning assets you expect that you just mentioned on the NII page?

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Marianne Lake – CFO: So, we’re growing – as you have probably seen we showed you in Investor Day, and while there was a little bit of lower growth this quarter, we do expect to grow loans in our Commercial Bank loans and asset management, household loans, mortgage banking. So, and they are growing at a positive rate very strongly. So, it’s really just the underlying business driver growth that we’ve being seeing and expect to continue.

John McDonald – Sanford Bernstein: On the expense outlook you mentioned for the adjusted expenses to be down about $1 billion, what’s the base that we should look at for you to be down from? Do you have that?

Marianne Lake – CFO: If I refer you back on our – some recollection I will do it for you, but if I refer you back to Investor Day, it’s based upon on our adjusted expenses, which are defined as our expenses excluding corporate litigation and foreclosure related matters, which in 2012 was $60 billion plus or minus, I think $60.1 billion and we’re expecting to be $59 billion this year and that’s what we’re on track to deliver.

John McDonald – Sanford Bernstein: What was it in the first quarter?

Jamie Dimon – Chairman and CEO: A little higher than that.

Marianne Lake – CFO: A little higher than that in the first quarter, but the first quarter is seasonally high.