Leaked: Future iPad Mini Photos

Photos posted to a Chinese forum have sparked speculation over Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) future iPad Mini and its rumored Retina display. According to CNET, “On the forum, the images show what seems to be an iPad Mini rear casing with a blue Apple logo and the word ‘iPad’ in blue.”

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More importantly, the photos also depict a case that is thicker than its predecessor. This has been a point of emphasis for the possible Retina display; the full-size version iPad— equipped with Retina— had a thicker casing than the Mini, so some believe the newer, thicker Mini will have the superior display as well.

What exactly is Retina and how does it affect the iPad mini? Retina, which was trademarked by Apple last year, is defined as having “a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice pixelation at a typical viewing distance.”

As “typical viewing distance” decreases the smaller the screen, a Retina display in an iPad mini would be no small feat.

Crystal-clear picture quality comes at a price though. There has already been talk in Asia that a Mini carrying a Retina display would be more expensive than the original iPad.

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