Lender Processing Services Earnings Call Nuggets: Origination Services and Larger Levels of Share Repurchases

Lender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE:LPS) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Origination Services

Darrin Peller – Barclays Capital: The first question, Origination Services again was very strong even sequentially. When reviewing the background and history on Origination Services LPS would typically outperform the market. And then over the past year as you discussed it was a bit slower than the market, probably because of pullbacks from some appraisal activities. When we look ahead, I guess, number one, can you give us a little bit more directional color on what assumptions you are thinking of in terms of originations? I know you said, you think it will be better than some of the forecast, but down on refis at least. Is that materially better than MBA, because MBA is only I think around $800 million on refis down would be on a lot from this year we’re coming into our Barclays estimate somewhere in the 1.2 range. So, maybe how closer are you to each of those numbers? And then on top of that would you expect origination revenue to outpace the market again the way you used to or are there still appraisal or other activities that would prevent that from happening?

Thomas L. Schilling – EVP and CFO: Darrin, I think, as Hugh said, we’re more bullish, I think that would probably put us closer to the Barclays forecast than with the MBA forecast. Again I think it’s going to be probably be down, but it’s still going to be at I think a very elevated level as there is a lot of loans $9 million loans that have refi characteristics. In terms of the performance versus the metrics I can’t say within our settlement – within the (Thailand) close element we have continued to outperform the market on that by a pretty good ratio. It is the appraisal given that appraisals are only being down on probably about 60% to 70% of the refi activity that’s taking place that will continue to lag now because HARP had a fairly – about the same impact in 2012 as it will in 2013. I don’t think it will be as pronounced in 2013, but we will continue to see appraisal revenue lag the market metrics.

Hugh R. Harris – President and CEO: I’d just add to that, Darrin, the meetings we’re having with our customers. They are continuing to tell us they are thinking around refis will outpace what the MBA has put out as well. They are seeing increased volume I think in all of the (stuff).