Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Earnings Call Nuggets: PC Market Share and Unified 3G Platform Outlook

Marvell Technology Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ:MRVL) recently reported its first quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

PC Market Share

Delos Elder – Citi: This is (Delos Elder) for Glen Yeung. I want to ask question about the PC market in the back half of 2013. I know you are gaining share there but could just address are you gaining share in a growing or shrinking pie?

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Brad Feller – VP, Corporate Controller and Interim CFO: That’s pretty hard for us to answer. Obviously, I think, we’ve mentioned this in the past as well, we are not directly – we are two steps removed from the PC OEMs and obviously we hear the same as you guys do about weaker PC market, but if you just go back to what Sehat said in his prepared remarks and what some of the drive customers have said, they are seeing increased applications for hard drives and non-PC applications, right and I think one of our big customers said on their earnings call as well. So, while it’s hard for us to really predict what the PC market is going to be doing and drive seem to be holding their own.

Delos Elder – Citi: Then as a follow-up, I know, you are talking a lot about the improvement in your mobile and wireless division. Can you talk little bit about how this can be broken down into device types and you said both smartphone and tablet, but can you give us a sense of which would be more and then also by geography, if possible?

Brad Feller – VP, Corporate Controller and Interim CFO: Actually, we only have a single product, okay. I think we’ve mentioned several times in the past. We are focusing our solution to just a single platform device. So, specifically, in the prepared comments, the device – the products, the smartphones as well as tablet that runs exactly on the same identical device. So, no, there is not anything specific difference between the silicon – difference between the two products…