McDonald’s Goes After Starbucks With Pumpkin Lattes and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD): Current price $98.13

Is this the first shot of the latte war? McDonald’s is adding pumpkin-spice lattes to its repertoire with which to hopefully entice Starbucks devotees and also to boost traffic. The biggest restaurant chain has been debuting pricier fare like chicken wings, McWraps, and steak breakfast sandwiches to maintain its profitability in a period of higher labor, occupancy, and operating costs. Meanwhile, the fast food behemoth is expanding its value menu to bring in bargain-hunting customers.

The McCafe pumpkin latte is a mix of espresso, milk, and flavored syrup, appears in three sizes, and may be had with whole or non-fat milk. A 16-ounce latte with whole milk contains 340 calories and goes for $2.89.