McDonald’s Money Management Journal: No Food, No Heat, No Problem


It looks like McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) employees might need a Happy Meal after they see the figures their employer uses in the company’s new budget calculator tool. The fast-food giant has teamed up with Visa (NYSE:V) to launch a website that offers its low-wage workers the opportunity to use a budget calculator to manage their wages.

But while the idea undoubtedly has good intentions, the seemingly helpful endeavor has effectively blown up in the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company’s face.

McDonald’s Practical Money Skills website allows employees to log into a Budget Journal and manage their McDonald’s money. The tool is purposed to help low-wage employees live on their meager earnings, and is advertised as a way to “make financial goals, build budget, and track your spending,” but the fast food giant’s sample budget journal is where the company went dramatically wrong.