Meet the Ford Focus That Packs an Extra Punch

While Ford’s (NYSE:F) Focus ST is the top-of-the-line trim for the hatchback — at least in America — that by no means implies that it is the performance ceiling for the vehicle. And tuning firms and customizers are finding that fact out.

Stock from the factory floor, the ST boasts 252 turbocharged horsepower, 154 miles per hour top speed at the racetrack, but also 32 miles per gallon for highway driving. However, the Ford achieves these figures from a turbo-charged inline four-cylinder engine, which is a fresh canvas in the eyes of those wishing to improve the car’s performance.

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Recently, Cosworth — one of the biggest names in the aftermarket business and famed for building some incredibly potent racing engines — got its paws on the Focus ST, and in partnership with M&J Enterprises, set about overhauling the car to suit the taste of the more adrenaline-seeking driver.