Merge Healthcare RUMORED to Sell and 3 Hot Stocks Trading Today

Revenues at Home Depot (NYSE:HD) are linked more closely to GDP growth rather than the housing market, according to company executives presenting at a conference. On e-commerce, they say most of the company ‘s products, such as drywall for instance, are unsuitable for on-line sales, but the company is on the lookout for other items in this regard. Future capex focus is on Mexico rather than Canada or the U.S.

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Shares of enterprise imaging solutions provider Merge Healthcare (NASDAQ:MRGE) are on a tear after it disclosed that it might sell itself or enter a business combination.

Cloud TV solutions provider Synacor Inc (NASDAQ:SYNC) announces registrations and log-in through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for users of its TV Everywhere facility. The Facebook link, together with the Open Graph social platform could be a big advantage, considering its effect on referral traffic.

Safeway Inc. (NYSE:SWY) discloses at a conference that cash is more likely to be used for extinguishing debt and paying dividends rather than M&A deals. Its prepaid network, BlackHawk, is also likely to see an IPO.

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