Microsoft, Google Look to Penetrate ‘Circle of Trust’


The debate over Internet privacy gets complicated when smartphone users realize how much information is sent to Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) through search engines. Both use huge swaths of data in order to promote products and generate ad revenue, and the rise of smartphones has complicated the matter. In fact, Microsoft and Google are quite openly trying to determine the best way to get inside a consumer’s “circle of trust.”

During Advertising Week in New York through Friday in New York, tech companies are leading discussions on the latest trends in marketing. Few talks go minutes without acknowledging the rise of the mobile phone, and the fight to employ Big Data to market to consumers more effectively. On Monday’s opening talks, Google’s Tim Reis discussed the goal of advertisers in today’s mobile-first culture.

“I think that smartphones are an underappreciated branding vehicle,” Reis said. “It’s a hugely personal device that is physically very close to you. These are inside that circle of trust that advertisers are trying to permeate at all times.”