Microsoft Is Bringing “Smart Home” Closer to Reality


Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working to create an operating system for homes and businesses that will allow things like temperature control and security cameras to be monitored and changed via the Web, while working together in the same system.

The operating system, called Lab of Things, will make it easier for various Internet-controlled systems to work together, and will also provide a launching pad for developers to create apps for the home. There are plenty of online-based home products, including temperature control and security cameras, but they are typically difficult to install and work separately. Microsoft is looking to create an operating system that would allow many different home controls to work together.

Microsoft presented the project at its annual Faculty Summit, which was reported on by MIT Technology Review. Microsoft researcher Arjmand Samuel announced the software, citing the need for an easier system for home automation devices, as the current lack of a centralized system is holding back further research and product development. According to Samuel, having a common platform will make it easier for researchers to develop and test different products, meaning the development of a “smart home” will move along much more quickly.