Mossberg to Apple Fans: Stop the Hate


Renowned tech commentator Walt Mossberg would like fans of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) products and other technophiles to dial down the harsh rhetoric. In a column published on the recently launched ReCode technology news site, Mossberg chastises “fanboys and fangirls” of various tech product brands for taking a quasi-religious attitude towards “capitalist enterprises.”

“Your favorite tech hardware, software and services are not religious objects,” wrote Mossberg via ReCode. “And the companies that make them aren’t cults or faiths.” Mossberg noted that he has suffered personal attacks throughout his career as a tech reviewer for simply giving his honest opinion about a particular product. Mossberg also noted that tech fans who disagree with his reviews commonly accuse him of being paid to write a certain type of review or of never actually testing the product.

Although Mossberg’s comments were ostensibly directed towards any tech fans who “pour down personal hate and derision on people who happen to use and like a tech product that competes with the one you prefer,” he pointed out that the “biggest tech religion is the Church of Apple.”