Must Know Industrial Stocks Topping the Dow in 2013

Economic headwinds have put the breaks on stock growth for years. The equity markets have received more than their fair share of setbacks, but the indicators suggest that 2013 could be a year of meaningful growth for industrial companies.

Here are four industrial stocks that are entering the New Year with strong performance on the stock chart.

4) E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (NYSE:DD)

A weak quarter at the end of 2012 is a painful sore spot on this company’s stock chart. Shares are down just over 2 percent over the past 52-weeks with a majority of losses coming after the company lowered its full-year EPS guidance and announced layoffs in October.

But beginning in the middle of November the stock began to show some signs of strength. The EPS re-calculation generated a flurry of selling behavior but fundamentals, recovering economies across the world, and $1 billion in share re-purchases have lured investors back.

Year-to-date gains are just 1.67 percent, but one-month gains are 7.3 percent, with the typical signs of an up trend — higher highs and higher lows.

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