Navistar CRASHES 11% and 3 Active A.M. Stocks

Navistar (NYSE:NAV): Navistar announces its new technology, known as In-Cylinder Technology Plus, that is expected to comply with EPA regulations regarding emissions; the technology should be available in trucks produced by early next year.

Ford Motor (NYSE:F):  Ford enters the hybrid segment with a splash – its new C-MAX Hybrid vehicle offers 47 mpg, bettering industry leader Toyota Prius V by 3 mpg, while extending driving range to 500 miles through the use of both the electric and gas drives, thus addressing a significant perceived drawback of hybrids in customer minds; Ford will likely launch the C-Max in the fall, and ramp up capacity three times by next year.

Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK):  The board of the merged Duke-Progress Energy decided at the last moment that Bill Johnson was not suited to be the company’s CEO, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. According to sources, the arrangement would not have worked due to differing cultures and personalities.

Vornado Realty Trust (NYSE:VNO) adds a 5th Avenue retail condominium to its portfolio of prime Manhattan properties; the property is acquired for $707 million from a joint venture of Kushner Cos, Crown Acquisitions, and Carlyle Group (NYSE:CG), who are expected to make an excellent profit on the sale.

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