Netflix To Debut Social Features, Microsoft Describes Retail Store Plans: Tech Business Update

In 2013, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) will debut “social features” for domestic users, a spokesperson said on Wednesday, after a bill passed by the United States Congress prior to the holiday break, which removes previous restrictions that disallowed companies from sharing rental histories of customer video. The company added that, “We are pleased that the Senate moved so quickly after the House. We plan to introduce social features for our US members in 2013 after the President signs it.”

General Manager Jonathan Adashek of Communications and Strategy Sales & Marketing Services Group of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) said in the firm’s official blog that, “It’s been a momentous year for the Microsoft retail stores. We opened 51 new full-line and specialty stores, including our first international stores in Edmonton, Burnaby, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada in just the last year. As you may have heard, we will extend a majority of our specialty store locations into the New Year. We will also transition some of those specialty stores into permanent full-line stores given the great success we’ve had with them.” In addition, the message listed 6 new store locations ranging from San Francisco to Miami, which will be the first opened of 2013.

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magicJack VocalTec Communications (NASDAQ:CALL) said Wednesday that its most recent product has been modified for the inclusion of two USB slots, one USB plug, a SD micro slot, one RJ11 jack and one RJ45 jack. With LTE 4 gigabyte progressing so quickly in the United States and globally, the firm modified the product for a few months so as to step up its ability to offer discounted Internet access to new and existing customers, employing this device besides other functions and features. magicJack will introduce the new product name in 2013 and expects the new device to be offered early in the second quarter.

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) and Lenovo Group (LNVGF.PK) should experience better shipment performance than Acer and Asustek in January because of strong demand in China, says DigiTimes. Taiwan-based supply chain makers report that the majority of notebook vendors are expected to suffer from slumping performance in the first quarter.

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