New App Layers Virtual Experience Onto Your Favorite Places

A new app called Wallit allows visitors to physical location to leave their mark on a virtual wall, creating a far-reaching social experience. The Wallit app lets users post pictures, comments, or even video related to a physical site to a virtual wall. Users can then see the posts of all those who have visited and posted before them.

According to creator Veysel Berk, the idea is to create a collective experience while also gathering information about the character and story of the physical space over an extended period of time.

To maintain the integrity of the experience, only one wall can be created for each physical place and users must be present at the physical location in order to post on a wall about that spot. For example, a user who visits the Statue of Liberty can take a picture and post their thoughts to the dedicated Statue of Liberty wall only while there. Users can also view the posts of anyone else who has visited and posted.

In addition to recreational uses, Wallit hopes to expand to retailers. The company hopes that retail stores will subscribe to the service in return for the opportunity to customize the walls at their locations and advertise on them. Wallit is currently available for physical sites world-wide via iOS. The company plans to expand to Android technology in the coming weeks.

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