Obamacare: Already Infecting 2014 Midterms

Washington DC

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrick_nouhailler/

Elections revolve around issues, particularly those Americans rate as highly important. A CBS poll conducted between November 15 and 18 suggests that 15 percent view healthcare as the most important issue facing the country today. The top named concern was the economy and jobs, with 31 percent.

In the 2014 midterm races, both will be major campaigning points for candidates, but for now, it appears that health care will be the more bitterly contested of the two. Support for the Affordable Care Act has ebbed in the wake of a botched rollout, and website plagued by technical issues.

Rasmussen Reports polling shows that 56 percent of people now believe the law will worsen the state of healthcare in the country, compared to 52 percent who held the same view in October. A poll by CNN/ORC has 58 percent opposing the law. This is transitioning into Republican support, according to another question in the CNN/ORC poll. When asked who they would vote for in their Congressional district, if the 2014 midterms were held today, 48 percent said a Republican, and 41 percent would favor the Democrat. Of independents, 53 percent chose the Republican, and 36 percent the Democrat.