Oshkosh Earnings Call Nuggets: Telehandlers and Defense Margins

Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) recently reported its first quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.


Steve Volkmann – Jefferies & Company: I was hoping to dig in just a little bit on Access and maybe I’ll ask both my questions at once here. Can you just give us a sense of how things broke down between the telehandlers and the kind of core Access stuff versus your expectation? Looks like a lot of strength in telehandlers. What are you seeing in the orders? What are you seeing in the backlog? Is there any kind of shift in that mix happening that we should know about? And then the second follow-on is just on the margin. You obviously raised your margin target a bit here. Is that sort of price related? Is it efficiency related? It’s obviously not volume related? So I’m just curious what’s driving that?

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Wilson R. Jones – President and COO: This is Wilson. I’ll take a run at the order mix since you’re asking and then maybe Dave you can follow behind on the margin question. We are seeing a good order pattern, Steven, obviously telehandlers with housing, construction that continues to be a good mix of product for us. We were pleased with the performance in the quarter. If you look at the high number of telehandlers we had to perform the way we did we were pleased with that. But going forward our forecast and what we’re hearing from our customers is we will have more favorable (indiscernible) platform mix throughout the rest of the year.

David M. Sagehorn – EVP and CFO: Then on your question on the margins increased versus our prior estimates. I think you’re going to hear this consistently across the Company here the focus on MOVE strategy and the benefits that we think that can afford the Company over time. I think we’re seeing the benefit of that specifically here in the Access segment. So that would be one piece. I think Wilson touched a little bit on the mix. I think we’re thinking that we’re probably going to see a little better mix than we might have thought previously as we go through the remaining quarters and then also probably little bit of price realization as well that’s played into that.

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