Pundits: Here’s Why We’re Soft on Apple

It seems to be a growing trend for some industry observers and analysts to say: “give Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) a break.” Recently, analyst Gene Munster participated in a panel with pundit MG Siegler and The Unofficial Apple Weblog editor-in-chief Victor Agreda to hold a discussion along those lines.

Their discussion focused on the media trend to criticize Apple and cast the company in a negative light, due to its current product vacuum and a believed inability to continue succeeding after so much success. Though they can understand the reasoning, they have a little more faith in the company.

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According to Munster and Siegler, some of the trouble may have come from Apple’s production cycle, which saw a number of new products launched late last year, leaving the company with very little to create a splash with early this year. Additionally, the reorganization of the company’s executives may have contributed to the negative outlook on the company.

However, all three panelists could agree that Apple did have some pressing decisions to make in order to get out of the rut it is currently in…

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