Report: New Toyota Supra Headed for Detroit This January


Toyota FT-HS Hybrid concept car

Toyota (NYSE:TM) sports car offerings are legendary in some circles, though much of the company’s press revolves around compact cars, hybrids, and, lately, fuel-cell vehicles. But by the sound of rumors from Auto Blog, the automaker may have a new Supra sports car to work auto enthusiasts into a frenzy at the Detroit Auto Show in January. If so, it would generate plenty of excitement for a brand often considered safe and even boring above all else.

According to Auto Blog, “members of the Toyota team” suggested in conversation that the automaker could have a new model of the legendary Supra, one which that even feature a hybrid powertrain in the vein of other supercars, headed Detroit’s way in January. The website suggested the Toyota FT-HS hybrid concept could be a model for the new Supra, though hints on the design are pure speculation at this point.

However, Toyota’s increased focus on high-profile sports cars seems to be a top-down movement. Reuters reported in June about the emergence of Akio Toyoda as the Toyota executive who wanted a hipper, more performance-centric reputation established for the brand. At one appearance, Toyoda showed up in racing gear in a Lexus LFA, sending a crowd at the Nürburgring track in Germany buzzing.