Samsung’s Next Phone: A Speedy Troublemaker?

Samsung (SSNLF.PK) is preparing to show off the new Galaxy S IV, the next in its line of flagship smartphones, with many expecting the device to launch in the next few months. And as technical specifications emerge, it appears the phone could cause a bit of trouble for everyone that’s not Samsung.

In the smartphone war, it’s important to have what the consumers want, and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has done a great job with addressing that for a while now. Features such as high-definition screens, 4G capability, GPS, and so on have been important for garnering consumer favor. Style and function are also very important, and while Samsung hasn’t missed that memo, the smartphone war is a technology battle at heart. And technology often comes down to having the best specs.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series has already proven to be widely popular and has quickly turned into the iPhone’s greatest competitor. And unfortunately for Apple, Samsung may be continuing to develop too fast. While both the S IV and an iPhone 5S may come in the next few months, the latter is not likely to match the upgrade the former is getting…