Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong


Social media marketing campaigns have gone wrong before, and Durex recently experienced a disaster of its own. Recently, Durex asked its customers what city should get Durex SOS condoms, which are supposed to be rushed to individuals through a smartphone app, according to the company’s website.

This marketing campaign went wrong thanks to pranksters. Instead of a major city such as London winning, the most votes went to Batman with 1,731 votes, which happens to be a conservative city in a Muslim province in Turkey that would not welcome the condoms.

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Companies run this risk of such problems when they try to interact with their customers through social media like this. For instance, McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) had problems with a Twitter campaign in 2012 when customers started tweeting snarky comments about the company. According to Bloomberg, McDonald’s shut down this campaign less than two hours after it had started.