Starbucks Dominates Coffee Talk on Social Media


StarbucksĀ (NASDAQ:SBUX) was a pioneer of connecting with its customers through social media and now dominates the coffee conversation online. The company uses its social media channels to communicate promotions to its loyal customer base and engage in conversations. Marketing is no-longer a one-way channel — social media changed that.

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There are three primary uses for businesses using social media: customer service, promotion, and communication. There is definite overlap between these three categories but enough of a difference to warrant each its own label. Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee shop chain and receives its fair share of customer complaints. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, customers do not have to hunt down the phone number to their local Starbucks to let the company know their latest experience with the Starbucks brand did not go as well as hoped. They can just send an angry tweet @Starbucks.