State Street Earnings Call Nuggets: Equity Flows and Tax Advantage Investments

State Street Corp (NYSE:STT) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Equity Flows

Howard Chen – Credit Suisse: Jay, you led your commentary noting the recent re-risking that you have seen across the business. I realize we are probably early in that process. But can you help us size how much you believe that cumulatively maybe weighed on your servicing fees last year and how much you potentially have kind of recapped through it so far with what you have seen?

Joseph (Jay) L. Hooley – Chairman, President and CEO: Yes. I would say it’s probably harder to size it Howard but I would just directionally we started at the back end of the fourth quarter kind of into December there was a noticeable move of clients rotating from fixed income or lower risk assets into equities as well as some cross-border assets. Europe was at a fair amount of that focus. Then you have seen this, we have turned the corner into 2013, you have seen some industry stats with regard to equity flows. That trend continues. I think your question is really pointed towards that effect in the fourth quarter of 2012, fairly moderate, not a big factor given where it fell in the quarter.

Howard Chen – Credit Suisse: Then separately, I wanted to clarify the expense commentary on the additional workforce actions that you announced today. What do you anticipate the savings relating to those are, and I wanted to confirm that that’s incremental to the business ops and IT Transformation program that you’ve all been working on for a few years now?

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