Super-Selling Cars That Shone in July

As the auto industry steamed through June, more coal was added to the furnace throughout July as the momentum in automotive sales showed little signs of slowing. Across the board, brands and companies are showing impressive figures, made even more so as the succeeding month brings about further gains.

For July, the 10 top selling cars list saw a lot of familiar faces. The Corolla is back at number ten, and there are no newcomers to speak of which have not been on the list previously this year.

Pickup trucks continued to make substantial improvements over 2012 as smaller compact cars had sort of a mixed month.

10. Toyota Corolla

Illustration by Chelsea Pieroni

Illustration by Chelsea Pieroni

Even with its 2014 replacement around the corner, the Toyota (NYSE:TM) Corolla bumped off the Ford (NYSE:F) Escape to regain a spot on the top sellers list, with a year-over-year change of just 3.5 percent (compared to what’s next).