Survey: Only Liberal Democrats Really Like Obamacare

elections republicans democratsSince the health care reform bill was first passed in March 2010, it has been both highly unpopular and divisive. Naturally, opposition to and support for the Affordable Care Act has broken down along party lines.

But signs have emerged indicating that assessment may be too broad, with numbers of ideologically moderate or conservative Democrats actually turning against Obamacare. Some of the first evidence of strong disillusionment from the Democratic party came from Max Baucus — the Democratic chairman of the Senate’s Finance Committee, and a key architect of the healthcare reform law.

He told Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at an April hearing that he was concerned that the implementation of the Obama administration’s signature health care law would be a train wreck — a phrase that has become a mainstay of Republican attacks. “I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” he said. “I’m very concerned that not enough is being done so far — very concerned.” Indeed, a report issued by the Government Accountability Office and several delays have realized his concerns to some degree.