Tesla CEO: New Battery Swap Faster Than Gas Fill-Up

Model X Tesla Motors

For every jab critics take at Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), the automaker seems to have a counter-punch ready. To cut the time it takes for drivers of the luxury electric car to restore operating capacity, Tesla is introducing a battery-swap system that would mimic the experience of a gas-station refueling — including the cost of filling a tank — yet take only 90 seconds to complete.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the new system at a showy event Thursday night in Los Angeles, as reported by Bloomberg. Under the standard system of charging, the process of getting a Tesla to full capacity could take several hours, while the proposed super-charging stations get cars back on the road with a full charge in about 30 minutes. This swap will be handled by machines at Tesla stations and cost owners between $60 and $80, requiring about one minute and thirty seconds of a driver’s time. Tesla wants to prove it is not inconvenient to own an electric car.