Tesla Goes Full Rental

Tesla model-s-blue-rear_960x640_0

For many, the thought of owning a Model S electric sedan from Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) is a very appealing idea, though largely unrealistic due to the car’s eyebrow-raising starting sticker price of around $70,000. While the affluent have been snapping up the cars faster than Tesla can make them, the company has yet to release an EV solution for more average earners — though it promises that one is indeed coming.

However, there are ways for people who don’t want to sink 70 grand into a new electric vehicle to get behind the wheel of one, at the very least. Short of actually test-driving one of the cars, Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE:HTZ) is offering a more long-term prospect — it’s added Tesla to its roster at¬†select rental locations in California.

Hertz has long boasted a fleet of high-performance vehicles for those wanting more than the average Chevy Malibu can provide.¬†Ferraris and Lamborghinis are also available under the company’s Dream Cars program, which has just inducted the Model S, as well — but only at two airports in California. At least, for now.