Tesla Superchargers Don’t Heed ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ Warning

Tesla Supercharger

The Lone Star state may be warning Elon Musk “Don’t mess with Texas” thanks to its newest Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) sales ban, but Musk doesn’t exactly seem to be running scared. In fact, his company just recently erected a new Supercharger station right on Texas grounds, conveniently halfway between Austin and San Antonio and behind the San Marcos Outlet Mall.

YNN reports that the Supercharger is the first of its kind in Texas, marking just one more benchmark in Tesla’s ultimate goal of constructing charging stations that span the nation’s roads and thus allowing Model S drivers to make coast-to-coast road-trip plans without having to worry about an uncharged sedan.

As of now, there are 18 Superchargers across the country, clustered mostly on both the West and East Coast. But this new charging station, smack-dab in the heart of Texas, proves that more and more Superchargers will soon make an appearance, whether U.S. states agree with Musk’s selling techniques or not.